Writing is part of my meditative process to clarify my thoughts, to align my actions and to focus on my purpose. I write about my emotions, my shortcomings, and my ideas for a better world through poetry, prose, and what I call rantifestos every day, some of which I post here on my blog and on social media. I share them to help others move along their paths to live and lead with compassion.

The Road of Life

Life is like a road It just goes on and on The loose pebbles They are your mistakes They make the journey rough The hills

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This is your moment

This may be a tough moment or a great moment,  It may lead everywhere and nowhere,  A moment that reveals the possibility  The possibility of

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A Career Criminal

Addicted to complacency and caution Guilty of putting more over meaning Committed the crime of no passion Assaulted by regrets and remorse Filed a restraining

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The River Cannot Go Back

It is said that before entering the seaa river trembles with fear.She looks back at the path she has traveled,from the peaks of the mountains,the

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Commencing Our New Lives

As we watch another crop of new graduates turn their tassels and "commence", we have to consider our own commencements. What are we doing with what we

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