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“How we spend our days is, of course,
how we spend our lives.” ~ Annie Dillard

Life Portfolio Design

All of us must manage our time and priorities. Sometimes it feels like “they” are managing us. 😊 How do we invest more of our time in the development of our individual human potential? How do we build a more fulfilling “portfolio” of time that begins to reflect who we want to be and where we want to go?! Like a financial portfolio that must be diverse, resilient, and generate a healthy return. One that takes risks and yet grounds us.These worksheets will introduce the basic tools on how to assess your current life portfolio, evaluate your allocations of time and guide your design of a new more fulfilling and energizing portfolio.

  • After you subtract sleep, human maintenance, you only have about 80 hours a week of “meaningful” time–this includes work and whatever else you want to do. (link to the math of time in a week–or make it a sidebar image/story)
    24 x 7 =168 Hours in a week
    12 x 7 = 84 Human maintenance (includes sleep, eating, exercise…)
    5 x 9 = 45 Career/Work (I know you work more than this!)
    5 x 7 = 35 Family, Friends, Hustles, Avocations, Travel
    ~80 hours Meaningful Time
  • The first section is to just estimate your time commitments, allocations–how you spend your time, what do you do. This is for your eyes only so don’t overthink it. Don’t try to impress anyone. Be really honest!
  • Think about an average week. I know there is no such thing but just try.
  • If you are really truthfult you will show where you “waste” time. We all do it. 
  • The point is to have you reflect on your reality. What you are doing.
  • Then make a list of the things you want/need to do NOW. Not later. Things that need to be part of your portfolio. Things that reflect your passions, values, personal expressions….Not a bucket list. Hustles, education, meditation, writing, art, start-ups….Things that enable you to become your better self–a better human. Things that will help you define why you are here.
  • Don’t think about how you would make time or the choices you need to make just make a list!
  • Now you are ready to generate a new portfolio that includes what needs to change. A portfolio you like better. A portfolio that energizes you! A portfolio worth designing and living!
  • Inventory Worksheet

  • This is how I spend time now:
  • I must make time for these activities:
  • My Current Portfolio

  • Description% 
  • My Desired Portfolio

  • Description% 


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