Writing is part of my meditative process to clarify my thoughts, to align my actions and to focus on my purpose. I write about my emotions, my shortcomings, and my ideas for a better world through poetry, prose, and what I call rantifestos every day, some of which I post here on my blog and on social media. I share them to help others move along their paths to live and lead with compassion.

Let that shit go

Disappointment and achievement are inextricably tied together. They are complementary. You can not have one without the other. There is no real disappointment without passion and love. When you care deeply about something, and you construct a trajectory of expectations, you are destined for the land of disappointment.

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Time travel to your roots

We all need to take pilgrimages with our ancestors and our descendants to inform the narrative of our destiny. To understand our past and how it foretells our future. To take what is known into the unknown. To remind us of our purpose, our privilege, our duty, and to always propel us forward.

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The mirror of comparison

Comparison sucks joy out of moments when you compare sunsets, or birthday gifts, or even personal victories. And joy and love are destroyed when you compare your kids to others. But comparison becomes most dangerous when you apply it to oneself.

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What if this is the best time? Because it is.

We say things to impress ourselves and others. We blow smoke where there will never be any fire. We verbalize our aspirations to show we off the breadth of our interests. But interest without intention and ultimately investment is just irresponsible illusion without integrity.

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None of us are sea squirts. Right?

Adaptability is the most sought-after characteristic of leadership and of an organization. It is a continuous learning process. Not talking about professional development with a focus on cutting edge skills and competencies. But a dynamic feel for the needs of the people serving and being served.

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Playing hurt

Our pain, our suffering is a symptom of something else. What is it? We have to accept it because it is happening. We have to find the opportunity to understand it and to use it to grow. And we must push ourselves to see that this pain connects us to others.

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The axe for the frozen sea

The only way we can evolve/develop our ideas about who we are and why we’re here is to seek difference, discomfort, something that challenges the way we see things. It’s about finding out how wrong we are along the way. It’s not reinforcing what we think is right. It’s trying to understand how to test and update our truths that guide our lives.

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A cup is more valuable chipped

We justify in our own minds doing things that are counter to our own health and wellbeing, ironically all in search of some shred of “normalcy” or even self-care. Sometimes it feels like we are self-administering some weird unnecessary chemotherapy we think will cure us. But there are massive side effects that could be iatrogenic, where the cure is far worse than that the disease. Suppressing who you are, hurts.

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Rediscover your core

Like the sedimentary layers of the soil, the dirt of our lives, gets mixed in with the rubble and the gems. The grit and the gravel. The sand and the silt. And our lively footsteps are deadened by the compaction of the layers of our buried ideals, dreams, and destinies. And the path is sealed by the mortar of materialism and the cement of selfishness.

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