Stop walking through the world looking for confirmation that you don’t belong. You will always find it because you’ve made that your mission. The truth about who we are lives in our hearts. No one belongs here more than you. ~ Brene Brown

Career Stage

Career Anxiety

You are stuck. You feel confused and this makes you anxious and even stressed. Instead of avoiding these feelings and hoping they will evaporate. Lean in. Embrace them. These feelings are trying to tell you things. You need to question why you have this anxiety. You are experiencing the conflict between what you have versus what you want. You seek alignment. The alignment of being you. The alignment of purpose and fulfillment in your life, not just your job. You are not in the right place. Why? What is the source of this disengagement? You feel an emptiness. What is missing? We must address these questions. And what makes matters worse, is you are not sure what to do. People tell you conflicting things. Go to grad school–which is appealing. Take some time to learn and develop a specialization. Others tell you to “follow your passion”. As they say, “Choice is the enemy of commitment. Or as Hemingway kinda said, “Everything before you and nothing before you.” That’s why you have anxiety. Don’t panic. You will have to invest some time and focused effort to decide what you want. Sorry. This is the source of your anxiety–not having YOUR plan. You have been trying to please everyone else but YOU. No matter your age or stage, this is the time to define what is next for you. Let your anxiety be your guide.

What are the sources or causes of your “anxiety”? What are they trying to tell you?

What is missing in your life right now? Be very specific.

What is missing from your career/job now?

What are the essential and minimum requirements/ attributes of your next career/job?

No matter how crazy it may sound, what job/career would re-energize you?



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