Why I do this

At this stage of my career I want to share what I have learned from my ongoing adventure that has traversed all sectors and the 18 jobs I have had since graduating from college. Along the way I have had the privilege of training, coaching, and helping thousands of people align their personal and professional paths with their passions and priorities. I am now focused on freeing the potential of organizations and individuals to pursue positive social change. I believe that this potential is energized by strengthening our understanding of ourselves through our connections to one another.

Personal Mission Statement

No regrets. Smile and help others smile. Be myself not what others expect. Give first without an expectation. Be present and see the positive. Be humbled by what I don’t know. Pursue unconditional love. Ask for help for myself and others. Love myself but be selfless. Listen more. Read more. Write more. Speak more. Open my mind and heart to things that offend me. Always take the chance to be good. Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Be my best self, and success will follow. Be grateful for the sacrifices that give me this moment.

I am the wildest dream of my immigrant grandparents who came to this country with nothing and my loving parents who lost their material possessions but gained their will to succeed in the Internment camps of WWII.​

Social Entrepreneur & Facilitator of Change

Born and raised in the early days of the Silicon Valley, I headed to Los Angeles to continue my education. Earned degrees from UCLA, Occidental, and USC. Completed a Coro Fellowship. My education, both formal and experiential, has grounded me and empowered my curiosity. Being fired, laid off, and dismissed have humbled me. After a series of start-up experiences and C-suite positions in every sector, I worked primarily in the so-called non-profit arena or what I call the “for-purpose” field, interrupted by for-profit and public-sector jobs. 

I held many big titles and important positions, but usually not at the same time. I am a devoted husband and the proud father of three college graduates with no student debt. A struggling writer and poet. An activist who still is trying to change the world and not grow up. I am grateful for the opportunities to sustain the dream of my ancestors by dedicating my life to helping others build a more joyful, equitable, just, and compassionate world.

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