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How and why I facilitate

I am fascinated, energized by our untapped potential and possibilities within each one of us. My own journey into human potential has motivated me to help others find their own paths. I started out as a speaker at events, conferences and meetings to “motivate” or “inspire”. I always tried to shift perspectives. Help people see themselves, others and the opportunities before them more clearly.

While I still give speeches and write on a regular basis, I prefer facilitating change through my popular workshops, coaching, and consultancies.  Conversations that empower the participants to reflect, discover and share what’s most relevant to them. Every human being has extraordinary insights, energy, and unrealized dreams. Therefore I facilitate!



I have been honored to be a formal presenter, keynoter, and speaker at hundreds of events, conferences, and meetings to “motivate” or “inspire”. I always tried to shift perspectives. Help people see themselves, others, and the opportunities before them more clearly. While I still love giving speeches, I prefer facilitating conversations through interactive workshop formats, which enable the participants to reflect, discover, and share what’s most relevant to them. Meaning, fulfillment, and even happiness require the permission and the space to reveal, energize, and express their unique qualities. Be a privilege to see how I might be able to advance your goals. See my featured presentation topics.

Executive Coaching

I coach to the aspiration of the leader to become the best human being possible. I add value as a thought partner in the lonely worlds of executives who need a truth-teller. I help leaders see themselves and map out their paths to improvement and greater effectiveness. My focus is to provide space and time for reflection about authentic leadership. Leadership that manifests the wholeheartedness of the leader. I am not a “project” coach, I am “person” coach– for individuals who seek perspective and partnership. I have been an ad hoc coach and mentor to leaders for decades. I now enter into executive/professional coaching agreements on a very selective basis. Coaching is personal. There needs to be a fit, chemistry, and alignment of objectives. If this approach resonates, happy to explore a coaching partnership with you.


Unlike coaching, consulting is mostly project-based. There is a defined need and usually a deadline. I prefer to work with the CEO and or the Board. I only consult with organizations with the primary purpose of positive social change. So my work has been concentrated with non-profits, educational institutions, foundations and enlightened businesses. I have access to a talented network, including SidePorch consulting, to take on larger assignments. Be an honor to discuss your needs and see how I can assist you.


About Random Acts of Progress

Random Acts of Progress, LLC exclusively works to facilitate positive social change. We believe that real change starts with every human being. We use coaching, consulting and conversations to activate and reveal the potential of leaders and organizations.

My fees

I have never done this for the money, but I also know that what I do creates value. I usually rely on that perception of value by the client. No one has ever told me I charged too much! I always donate 50% of my fees to organizations focused on equitable social change. The balance helps compensate me for the time and effort I put into customizing each presentation and the time I am away from my family. Never turned down a mutually beneficial opportunity over fees! 

If you think there is a fit between my approach and your audience, let’s work something out!

My favorite presentation topics

Adopting a Compassionate Mentoring and Networking Lifestyle

Description: This is a live, virtual, and interactive workshop that guides the participants through an introduction to career and life planning with a focus on developing and strengthening meaningful relationships. This special session has been adapted from John Kobara’s well established Adopting a Compassionate Mentoring and Networking Lifestyle program. The session helps participants learn the fundamentals of how to better understand and align their values and their relationships with their professional ambitions. How to bring their full selves to their careers by building greater self-awareness and social capital– all through a multicultural approach.

It all starts with de-mystifying and redefining “networking”, to be a more accessible and authentic process to build community and collaboration. The session helps people at all levels and backgrounds advance their skills to meet and engage others naturally, especially people from different backgrounds. Being empathetic, driven by curiosity, seeking commonalities, and being open to new experiences are the keys to adopting a lifestyle of networking.  The session employs interactive exercises to engage the participants in self-reflection and a collaborative learning process where they will share information and experiences with one another and practice what they are learning.

The overall goal is to provide a framework to adopt mentoring and networking as part of an effective leadership and management model to maximize individual, team, and organizational results. 


  1. Provide participants with the context of their own career and life development and why a lifestyle of networking and mentoring is part of a continuous personal and professional development plan.
  2. Utilize unique self-reflection tools to facilitate alignment of life and career values and priorities.
    1. SWiVEL document–Self-assessment of how to Strengthen What I Value Enjoy and Love
    2. Life Portfolio Design–Evaluation process to guide the alignment of time commitments.
    3. BIT–Brief Introductory Talk, a process of crafting the precise words used to introduce oneself, create opportunities, and generate more authentic connections.
  3. Introduction to relationship development skills to create and maintain meaningful relationships that are driven by altruism, mutuality, and reciprocity.
  4. Introduction to a mentoring lifestyle that seeks and enables mentoring opportunities.


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