Try to be the best human being you can be. Try to live your life in a way that you will not regret years of useless virtue and inertia and timidity. This is your life. This is your world. You make your own choices.~ Maya Angelou​​

Career Center

Regardless of your age or stage, the career center guides you through a series of self-reflection steps to define and document what you want. Isn’t this the time to get out of the passenger seat and take over the steering wheel of your career? Let’s go!

What is Your Career Stage?

Pick the one that most closely matches your mindset and your challenge.

Four Career Stages

Career Path

Best for current college students/recent grads, struggling to define a career path or identify a purpose or “passion”. They have a shared interest in doing good, being well compensated, and have the flexibility to pursue other interests.

Career Development

For those seeking more skills, knowledge, and abilities to advance their careers, their prospects for promotion, and/or their strong desire to learn and improve. Defining goals and ambitions are key here.

Career Anxiety

Frustration and a loss of direction often depict this group. They have experience, energy, and desire but lack a process to take the next steps. Start at the bottom and work my way up? Or go back to school?

Career Change

These people are focused on a substantial pivot from one sector to another. They include everyone from those laid off to those retiring. Seeking more fulfillment, more connection with the culture of the employer and its products/services.

Each Career Stage includes a set of steps that include self-assessment and self-reflection tools and a host of resources:

Blog Posts
Books & Stories
Useful Websites
Helpful Videos
Inspiring Poetry

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