Pinch yourself to wake up

Everything that irritates us about others
can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves. 

Carl Jung

I want to brief this week. My last Ass Kicker for 2022!

As you know these Ass Kickers are to kick my own ass. I share them with you to kick our collective asses. I am glad some of you find them amusing and perhaps thought provoking.

But I am tired like you. These orbits around the sun seem to be speeding up.

Another crazy year of untold anxiety, stress, and painful progress.

It’s weird I hear people say, “I just gotta survive the holidays.”

I get it. I really do. But we need to be a witness to this time. We spend time with people we may not ever see again. Exchange gifts and break bread with people that will never be the same.

I know, your demented mind is telling you, its just another holiday and there will be many more.

In these last couple of weeks of 2022, don’t let your guard down and just drift into the new year.
The holidays are extraordinary times with loved ones and the most stressful part of the year.

So we can just get busy. Overwhelmed with events, gifts, food, and festivities. The centripetal forces of routines, roles, rituals, and regression can take over.

Consider for the moment what you would think is the perfect set of events in the next week or two. Perfect for you, perfect in every way. Right there is the psychotic flaw in the holiday ointment. Your perfect is someone else’s imperfect.

The tyranny of expectations!

Don’t get me wrong traditions are terrific. And your quest for perfection is as well.

But we can be lulled into a dream state, where we miss the moments and memories. We filter out most of the wonderful wonder and the amazing awe from our lenses and our senses.

Stop and take a deep and invigorating breath for we will not pass this way again. While the movie repeats itself, it is different. When we’re present, it is different. When we are awake it is different.

When we get through the fog and sit in the clearing of life, you will see everything and everyone around you including yourself anew.

What does it mean when someone has to pinch themselves?

When a situation is so amazing, so surprisingly good, to ensure that the person is awake and not dreaming, that the good fortune is not something they are imagining.

We need to pinch ourselves, frequently.

To awaken ourselves from the routinized delusion that limits our experience.

Like the old aversion therapy trick of lightly snapping a rubber band on your wrist to help you avoid the stimulus of stress.

The holidays and year-end are the celebratory completion of the roller coaster ride. One last glorious blur of anxiety before we pull into the platform.
So pinch yourself to wake up. To pay attention. To appreciate what is happening. To be alive.

Don’t just get through it. Get into it.

Get a grip on the hands of the clock and try to slow it down.

For we are not just a passenger on the roller coaster, we are the operator.

Stop thinking about what’s next and be here in this moment.  

We need others and others need us.

We waste so much time trying to avoid things and people.

Become a participant in what is occurring and not what we want to happen.

To fling open the curtains of our expectations and judgment, we become our true selves, open minded and open hearted.

We pinch ourselves to remind us how beautiful life is when we are fully conscious.

Thanks for your companionship in 2022. I have some surprises planned for 2023.
Happy Holidays.  

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