What a good man should be

Waste no more time arguing
what a good man should be.
Be one!

Marcus Aurelius, circa 170 AD

The confluence of uncertainty, chaos, and human suffering all around us can overwhelm our sensibilities. The intensity of the diet of news and social media we willfully ingest give us a conscience coma and give us a horrible case of moral indecision. Our mental and physical wellness depend on taking action. Doing things. Going to the aid of others. Activating our capacity to leave the sedentary sidelines and the obesity of our apathy. And apathy can metastasize into indifference. No shortage of odorous opinions, or moral mouthfuls. In our hearts, we know we have to act to lead. We have to lead by example to make any difference. There will be no “return to normal” or some tranquil time to hear your calling. If nothing in these times, these incredible times, gets you inspired, energized and/or activated, then your coma may be terminal. As the great emperor of Rome said, so succinctly, close your mouth and show us what you got. 

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