We Are the Sky

Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars. Martin Luther King Jr

So the darkness is not only necessary but essential for the light to shine.
When we look at the dark sky we can see nothingness or we can see everything in the universe. If we focus and pay attention we see the stars and the light. We will see our common humanity, our shared destiny. The sky is always there, it will always be there.

Weather changes, clouds form and pass. But the sky, the magnificent sky remains.

We are the sky. You are the sky.

The sky is our true self. You have to see it, explore it, appreciate it, listen to it and become it everyday.

Weather patterns distract us. Cloudiness creates passing doubts and fears. But they make no changes have no impact on the sky.

So we pause with a beginner’s mind. And allow the courage of curiosity–to acknowledge what we don’t know. That’s when the light shines leading us to better questions to better actions.

Questions open the heart and the mind and the light shines brighter.

We must calm the overactive mind. The amygdala–our fight or flight instincts–these are the clouds and storms that keep us from our purpose and our path.

What will we do? Why are we here? What good will we do?

For being good and doing good are not merely intentions, they are actions!

The centripetal forces of resistance the gravitational pull of the status quo are powerful and mysterious. This is the question we must confront-What is our plan to become better human beings?  The human beings we were meant to be?

We must confront the misalignment of our morality with our lives, Where hedonism is the enemy of humanity. We say we love animals and eat meat. We are anti-racists who buy from racist corporations. We advocate for criminal justice reform while our 401Ks build private prisons. We have great empathy for the homeless but have never volunteered to help them. We support public education while our kids go to private schools. To come to terms with our hypocrisy and complicity in the way things have been, are and are becoming.

To embrace our sky, our shared sky and our truths to help us understand our capacity and ability to love others and ourselves.

To remember who is being liberated and who is being redeemed. That we will never be fully human if we do not have as much empathy for the perpetrators as the victims of injustice. And which are we? Who is who?

We are at the beginning of a time that has never been. At the beginning of a journey that has never been taken. At the beginning of a new version of ourselves that we can never live without.

We are so fortunate to be here now, at this moment, connected to each other, to change and be changed —to appreciate the darkness to see the light–to see the sky.

Thanks for reading. John

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2 thoughts on “We Are the Sky”

  1. Love my weekly letter and the golf balls. Thanks John! Reminded me of ET “You are the sky, the clouds are what happens. What comes and goes.” xx

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