Unstable from a heavy heart

You encounter someone
unstable from a heavy heart,
get closer and listen.
Your hearts will beat as one.
The burden redistributed,
suffering diminished,
and greater balance achieved.

John E. Kobara

Some think we want happiness. Happiness is a fleeting moment of joy. What we need is to reduce the suffering. The suffering of others. Our own suffering. While suffering is part of life we can ease that burden by making the time and effort to understand what is weighing down the hearts and minds of those we care about, those we serve, and those we meet.  Our roles as servant leaders, as role models, as mentors, as coaches, as allies, and as humanitarians, is to generate the capacity to share the burden of the suffering. Sharing the suffering, dissipates the suffering and brings more balance into the universe. To be compassionate–to literally suffer together. As I have always said, comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

Painting by Tomi Kobara

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