The Year for a Leap?

The new year is just another year. A year of possibilities and opportunities. A year to reconcile our direction with our souls. A year to make promises to oneself to get better, healthier and more at peace with oneself. It is a moment of the year we let ourselves wonder about what might happen–even dream–before the burden of tasks, expectations, doubts and distractions submerge our brief stint in the clouds. Try to linger and relish a longer moment to envision who you are and what you want. Think less about productivity, your weaknesses, and material things. Focus more on your strengths, aligning your values with your life, doing less harm and growing your compassionate altruism. Instead of losing weight promise yourself to gain more stillness, aloneness, and serenity to be more present in the days ahead.

Getting comfortable with your limits creates new limits. Pushing the proverbial envelope. Tiptoeing to the edge is where you see the next horizon. Listening to the whispers from your heart teaches you where you are supposed to be–what the universe intends for you to do. Staying in the center of your comfort is the easy place, the no- action, no-risk zone. We are never fully happy here, we always dream of the courage to take a chance on loving, on living, on making a change. We will never pass this way again. We can only procrastinate so long. We attempt to avoid regrets or plans we will not pursue, we stumble into the darkness. Time stands still. We need inspiration from within. Your pulse only quickens at the edge of something, closer to and into your fear–your fear of failure and fulfillment. Your heart awakens and you feel alive when you approach what is important or new. All that is left is to surrender and leap into what’s next.

Why will this year be any different? For you and the things YOU control.

Kleon Make the jump2

Austin Kleon

The inexorable clock strikes 12 again and change will come –desired and unwanted. There are always surprises. The whole of it is what we get and ideally we embrace it. It can also bring greater self awareness of what is important or not. And to these developments we must surrender. For the micro and macro evaporation of beliefs, ideologies, and certainties that hold us back is the grandest part of an open mind and heart. Where change flourishes. So you say you want change with your mouth, but does your mind really want things to stop changing? Conflict. Aaaah the fertile ground for change—but who’s?

What in life is calling you when all the noise is silenced

the meetings adjourned

the lists laid aside

the wild iris blooms by itself in the dark forest

what still pulls on your soul?


2020 is a leap year. A new decade, an election year—but what will YOU change? What's stopping you? Where will you leap?

I wish you the courage to achieve more meaning and purpose in the year ahead.

Thanks for reading. John

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2 thoughts on “The Year for a Leap?”

  1. Thanks John as always when the words are said it makes the brain engage like an old photograph. Sparks the nuerons I guess….2020 will be awesome and believe me nobody chases the dreams and change more than your family! We have been taught by our elders to appreciate the moment but also tackle the future like its going to be the last day. Smell the flowers. Don’t chase your dreams make dreams happen.
    Love from the Hennessys.

  2. Grateful for your readership and comments. Yes dream about now and today and the next moment. I concur. Been too long since we saw each other and traded fish stories. Hopefully before Japan! Love John

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