Travel and tell no one

Travel and tell no one,
live a true love story and tell no one,
live happily and tell no one,
people ruin beautiful things.

Kahlil Gibran

Imagine a selfie that is never posted. Now imagine a selfie that was never conceived to be posted and shared. Once what we do is constructed for the purpose of generating envy, increasing our status, and our reputation, we undermine authenticity. We poison real joy, awe, and growth. Yes, obsessing over social media is one of the enemies of real experiences. But, the concoction of the story, to be shared verbally or virtually, injects the desires of the ego. And the ego is a greedy character who selfishly uses superlatives and exaggerations to diminish others. We love to outdo and one up, our peers, even when the truth is sacrificed. Being motivated by the desire for the self-serving benefits of action, destroys the virtue of that action. Real generosity never expects something in return. Real joy cannot be described without bias and embellishment. Our attachment to desire causes suffering. That suffering lessens when we move free from this attachment–this craving, this need, to take the light from others. Security and peace comes from being the best you can be without amplification. The secret within our desire is the insight into who we are. Seeing the beautiful aspiration of what motivates and drives you is overshadowed and squandered by your disfigured desire for recognition. Understanding your true self is deferred for the immediate gratification of the ego. As Gibran advises us “Tell no one.” Not telling a soul, allows us to listen to our heart. I fed from this trough of weaponized stories to spew my superiority. Making others feel bad about their lives is a harmful sport. I am trying to privately appreciate my gifts, the moments that matter, and my contentment. Digest the fruits of your efforts without any fanfare. You will find that humble pie is the most delicious and fulfilling meal you have ever had. The path to self-realization is paved with caring less about what others think and letting our better angels sing. 

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