Writing is part of my meditative process to clarify my thoughts, to align my actions and to focus on my purpose. I write about my emotions, my shortcomings, and my ideas for a better world through poetry, prose, and what I call rantifestos every day, some of which I post here on my blog and on social media. I share them to help others move along their paths to live and lead with compassion.

Joy, where have you been?

Joy. The warmth, the deep satisfaction. The being lost and transported to a place where you are reminded of the joy within you. Not for a social media post but for self-understanding. Sheer joy. For the confirmation of your true self.

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Unfulfilled wishes

Wishes made, from our childhood, a lifetime of those blown out birthday candles, and in those delightful quiet moments of self indulgence. Wishes are not for material things, they are the comfort food of your daydream mind.

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