Ready to go

Always have to be ready to go

What do we take with us?

What do we have to show?

Leaving is never easy

Our luggage nearly packed

What do we discard?

What do we gift?

To lighten our burden

To enable our shift

The door is always open

Could be any time

But we must be ready

Whether painful or sublime

The moment not ours

Our departure unexpected

but never a surprise

No one knows if anyone cries

The folly of assumptions made

We ponder what could have been

Did we get a passing grade?

Never pass this way again

We forgot

that when we were born we began to die

The law of averages never apply

Time is in infinite motion

Just a drop in the ocean

No room for regrets we dread

Or of the words unsaid

Time to unpack the baggage

It is getting late

I hear the train coming

My destiny and my fate

This much is true

Life is so short

I am ready to go, are you?

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