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Your career path presentation – it really impacted me and gave me the ‘permission’ I was looking for to ask myself what I really want to do and to find the courage to do it. Cheryl Ramurath, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

I have given hundreds of keynote motivational type speeches at board meetings, college graduations, conferences and everything in between. From 25 to 5000 in the audience. Always happy to speak, but over the last 20 years about 75% of my presentations are 2 hour+ workshops. And 99% of those workshops are Adopting the Mentoring and Networking Lifestyle. These are interactive sessions that challenge the audience to reflect on their goals and directions and re-commit to them. I engage them in exercises to practice what we discuss–from theory to application. It’s funny because nearly everyone who requests my services wants the shortest version of the workshop, while I can do it in 75-90 minutes, the biggest complaint afterwards is, “This was too short.” 🙂

“Your presentation was outstanding! I can see how you could have used a lot more time, but you got the point across. The feedback has been terrific. Our president was particularly impressed on how you customized it for us.”
ESPN Networks

Interview with John about the definition of networking

Here is a sample powerpoint of this workshop.

Mentoring and Networking Lifestyle
Download web_demomentoringnetworkingleadershipnew08972003.ppt

My favorite presentation topics:

Adopting the Mentoring and Networking Lifestyle for a Mutlicultural World
Power of Networking
Power of Mentoring
Finding Yourself by Losing Yourself
Mid-Life Mid-Career Development
Leading With Passion
Urgency, Community, Learning and Action

My Fees

I hesitate even listing anything here, but I am asked so often about what I charge. I have never done this for the money, but I also know that what I do creates value. No one has ever told me I charged too much! I donate 50% of my fees to my favorite charities. The balance helps compensate me for the time and effort I put into customizing each presentation and the time I am away from my family. Frankly my schedule is the biggest barrier. Typically I do 10-12 presentations a year, of which many are booked well in advance. Let me know if you think I can help you or your organization.

If you think there is a fit between my message and your audience, we can try and work something out. Let’s connect! E-mail me.

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