Your unique form of mystical madness

You have to find your own path. You have to perceive your unique form of mystical madness. That’s important. But the test of that path is always:  Am I becoming kinder? Am I becoming more sensitive to other people? Am I becoming more compassionate? Am I becoming more responsible?  

Rabbi Ariel Burger

If you are awake and paying attention you are numb and your heart is broken. One set of hate acts flows into another set of unimaginable examples of our darkest sides. It can be overwhelming. Hate of all types continue to raise their ugly heads. It cannot be just a game of whack-a-mole where we stomp out the perpetrators of the latest vitriol and venom. We all harbor hate, and allow hate to germinate, fester and harm others. We stand silent when we see, hear and even experience it. Idle bystanders are complicit. We support companies, policies and systems that breed and embed hate. Hate that hurts anyone, injures our collective hearts and souls. Kindness, compassion, sensitivity and ultimately responsibility starts with us. With each one of us. How are WE becoming less hateful, less racist, and less sexist? Before we point the accusatory finger of blame on others, how will we hold ourselves accountable for doing less harm, be less hypocritical and become better humans?

Get off the freeway to do a destination check.

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