Lying does not suit you

It is a leap, not a tip toe or a hesitation dance.
It requires faith and heart to
keep moving into the headwind.
Waiting for the calm or the best moment.
Waiting until you are more comfortable
or better prepared. Ha!
Just say you are afraid of change.
Just admit that you are not willing to take the chance. But saying you are
innovative, entrepreneurial, and courageous.
Lying does not suit you.

Derek Sivers 

I have started many a graduate level classes by having the students introduce themselves by giving their name, their degree program and the lie they are telling their parents about what they will do when they graduate. The one that works!

After more than 1000 students, no one has ever said, “I don’t have a lie.”

Regrettably, some of my classes turn into workshops on how to lie better. “If you are going to lie, do it with all of your heart, with passion!” 🙂

The lies are bad, the lies are pretty good. The class laughs.
Then I have them tell the truth and no one laughs.

Self-deception is crazy. Being confused and not asking for help (especially when you are a student) is crazier. Wasting time not becoming who you were meant to be, who you have to be–craziest!

My favorite interview question:
“Tell me, what is your plan to become a better human?”

Lying never suits you. 

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