Love and Attention

Don’t you think they are maybe the same thing—-love and attention.

From Lady Bird the film

Our attention is all we really have and all we really give. We try to listen, empathize and care, but we are often distracted by the past and the future. What just happened, what will happen or worse yet, what could happen. And the NOW gets overrun, abandoned and left for dead. The collateral damage is everything and everyone in front of you. Stop being so important and busy. Notice the beauty and the wonder of the world, the nuance of a smile, a kind word and the scent on the breeze. No attention no love. No love without attention. They feed each other. Your time and open heart are the most generous gifts you have to give. Don’t squander them. Quiet your mind and use all of your senses to stop and remind yourself that you are alive and an essential part of the universe. 

Photo by: Petar Milošević

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