Let your fire burn brightly in 2023!

A great fire burns within me,
but no one stops to warm themselves at it,
and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke.

Vincent Van Gogh

Happy New Year!
Grateful to be here. To have survived another orbit around the sun.
To be able to think about who I am and where I am going.

It’s going to be an extraordinary year!
Why not?!!

Quiet your doubting mind … 😊

What kind of humans do we want to be? How can we be more connected to who we are? It is so imperative for us to know ourselves to help others and change our worlds.

This moment is so special, so precious, that it can’t be wasted, it can’t be ignored. The potential, the possibility, the extraordinary breadth of this moment needs to be explored and experienced.

We must use the artifice of this new beginning, this new year, because we’ve come to think of the beginning of the calendar year as a time of renewal. Another excuse to pause and reflect in our life’s intermittent meditation on purpose and meaning.

Yet we know in our hearts that every day, every week and every month is a time for renewal. To begin again, there is no special time to begin. This is a beginning, so let’s exploit it!

To move from activity to actualization. 

With the sobriety of stillness, we start to realize there’s nothing we have to improve or accomplish to become whole. We have always been and already are.

How unique we are. Extraordinary sovereign human beings. 

It is appreciating and understanding that wholeness. To express that wholeness.
All connected to the wholeness of the world and others.

Not to be changed but to emerge, to re-ignite, to stoke the flames of passion and compassion that is part of our essence. 

It is always about tending the fire.


Each of us has this incredible flame within us, this fire that we’ve either nurtured or ignored. But there’s a fire within, that is unique to each of us. It’s the essence of who we are. It is something that has been determined by the generations, by the genetics, by the generosity of others. And gratitude is an essential fuel for that fire.  

To notice our fire and embrace it, our burning desires, and our fiery truths to help us understand our capacity and ability to love others and ourselves.

These ancestral embers or this molten lava is our essence.

The external forces distract us from who we are and need to be. We must ask ourselves, every moment, what do I control? What is influencing me that is totally outside of my control?

There are many reasons to be despairing and depressed. But there are many reasons to be joyful and hopeful. Which will you use to fan your flames?

We’ve made many plans and many resolutions. We have intended to do many things. Always in part to keep us busy and ultimately distracted from what really needs to be done.

To tend our fires.

Let’s turn our attention to how our actions will revolve around this fire. Adding all of the ingredients for a beautiful fire. The logs of our longings, the kindling of our curiosities, the oxygen of our passions, and our ambitions.

Too easy to focus on the negative, what we should avoid and what we should not do. We all know that our attention on the negative compounds the problem.

We have to navigate the expectations, the externalities, and the excesses.

That is why the flame, the flicker, and/or the fire within us is needs our full and undivided attention. To focus on building the warmth and the light that comes from that fire. To guide us and align us with our authentic selves.

The true selves that yearn to grow into our best selves.

Don’t be confused, this internal focus is nor selfish or self-centered. It is our only way to truly move forward.

To be or not to be — is always the question.

This “new year” thing will be brief– as always. Another ephemeral moment when we see the spark of the possibility and the necessity of being.

We need your fires. Let them burn brightly in 2023!

Note: Addressing your fire can be challenging. So easy to procrastinate and drift into the drain of distraction. So I have included two resources below to kick-start your efforts! Check them out.

Click here for the 2023 SWiVEL 
This is my popular list of questions to facilitate your own reflection and introspection. It has been updated and dramatically slimmed down for 2023 to just 10 questions. SWiVEL stands for Strengthen What i Value, Enjoy and Love. It is a personal guided writing exercise to help you discover the words that will propel you forward. That will define your next steps. And of course kick your butt!

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