Call a meeting of your inner quorum

Never doubt that a small group
of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.  

Margaret Mead

Do you have a quorum?

The term quorum is from a 14th century middle English word referring to the number of senior justices of the peace, whose presence was necessary to constitute a court. It is an odd term that you would only know if you have served on a board of directors or on any formal decision-making body. A quorum is a rule is established for the minimum number of members to be present to transact business, to make decisions.

But a quorum always starts with you. You have to be present and accounted for. If you are present in all ways figurative and physical, then the potential for action begins. 

We all like the comfort of knowing what others think before we vote or act. Remember when the teacher would make us put our heads down and raise our hands in a secret ballot? But if you had to raise your hands in front of others, then you might hesitate and look to the “leaders” or the influencers before you officially cast your vote. No one wants to be on an island a look stupid. So much pressure to not stick out and buck the trend, make waves or be the outlier. 
We learn later, being an outlier is not bad, but even good– if you are standing on principle not on a grandstand. 

But self-leadership, leading oneself, requires you to do something. First you must assemble a quorum of the improv group in your head. –Your mental opinionated leadership council of your personas, your emotions, your alter-egos—to pass a resolution to act. (Think the film Inside Out)

Everything starts small. Famous and infamous movements began with a conversation. Started with a crazy idea that morphs through iteration through a dialectic—a dialogue. Or someone sees something copies it and versions it. One person triggers others to follow or think differently. It can be hyper viral or a slow marathon. 

Everything starts with one, a single cell such as bacteria for example, a single cell organism. Interesting that the human body is made up of approximately 1 trillion cells, but there are 10 trillion bacteria cells on you and in you at any one time! Yeah, a lot of bacteria. They are part of the armor to protect us and part of the cause of our ailments. They help us digest, they’re part of our immunity, they create vitality. Bacteria are not good or bad. They exist alone but they seek groups to activate their superpowers, to make change. Yes, bacteria seek quorums. Scientists call this “quorum sensing”. Simply put, similar bacteria seek their own kind and then signal each other when there is a critical mass, a quorum, and then literally can light up to do their thing.

At the individual level we gather “ourselves” into a quorum to try to move forward. At the human social level, we seek our tribe and the chance to find some courage and confidence from peers or leaders.
All of your ideas need a you to pursue a quorum. The quorum evolves. It remains small and mighty or can become a movement.  

When I was 25, my Dad told me to start an “investment club” with some of my grad student friends. People I trusted from different backgrounds. “Put $25 into a shared fund and talk about how you’d invest it—even thought you don’t have enough money to buy anything.” 😊 Four of us struggled with the idea and then just did it. We started putting $25 a month when we could and then more. We all got married so the meetings became a quorum of 8. We made our first small investment in a biodegradable diaper company stock, when we all had kids. The company did not make it, but we learned a lot about money and about ourselves. We ended up investing in the market and focused our meetings on ideas and the quality of our time together. Quorums can be smart. Over more than a decade we made a fairly handsome return on our money, but the biggest return from our quorum was lifelong friends.
Take your idea and share it. Connect with others with similar ideas. Build relationships. 

You want to start a business, write a book, join a non-profit, re-start a hobby.

Find one like minded person. Find others. Get a quorum to get you to make a decision, to take action—to do something! And if you fail, then you don’t have horrific “could have, should have” regrets taking up your brain waves—-making way for better more viable ideas! 

So call a meeting of your inner quorum to lead. Then connect with a small quorum of thoughtful and caring group and start the process of iterating, versioning and implementing your idea for a better you and a better world. 

Inside of your head is a small improv group, of emotions and personas that need to be called to order to lead oneself. From Pixar's fantastic film: Inside Out
It starts with a “crazy” idea and sometimes a “crazy” person–you. 

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