The holiness of the moment

What good is it if we just make ourselves holy?

What’s the point?

The point is to serve, to be the offering.

Bernie Glassman

What is really holy and sacred to us? In these precious moments we have with people we love. How do we allow old rituals to give us comfort yet be transformed by knowing that we’re different and that everyone around us is different? How do we quiet our expectations of what should happen and witness what is actually happening? How do we give without expectations and yet be open to the unexpected gift? Easy to fall into the trap of routine and habit and miss the entirety, the wholeness, the holiness of the moment. By opening the apertures of our hearts and minds wider to see and feel what is occurring around us and within us, you will share an experience of the life affirming connection to one another. Your offering of this openness and this presence will be the most generous gift of the season.

You will not pass this way again.

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