Don’t make me swim through your tears

Don’t make me swim through your tears to fight my battle.
Inspired by Ijeoma Oluo

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle. 

Many kind souls have reached out to me during this visible spate of Asian hate. Their outreach is loving but awkward. As one person told me “I never see you as different.” That is part of the problem. Difference and diversity are beautiful and necessary. They are part of a different story, ancestry, origin and perspective. Part of who I am. I know I am complicit in embracing the racist “assimilation” melting pot theory. And the model minority myth is a brutal accomplice. This week as a part of Harvard’s Counseling and Mental Health department’s “Anti-Asian Racism Resources” they sent out this now deleted message: “When you experience racism, you can feel shame. You may wish that you weren’t Asian, but remember that your ancestors likely went through similar or even worse incidents.” Being Asian is not a feeling or cultural way of living. We do not wish we are not Asian. We love being Asian and are grateful for the sacrifices of our ancestors. We wish for others to see us as humans and embrace our super powers. We have to help each other see Asians as people. To see each person and understand their battle is the first step to reducing the hate in this world. 

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