Dancing on the edge of our incompetence

Dancing on the edge of our incompetence….

We tend to stay within the boundaries of our comfort. It feels safe and stable. And yet we know that to grow we need to push ourselves to the edges. Fear and discomfort are invoked and we may hesitate or even back away. The old Peter Principle: Everyone tends to rise to their maximum level of incompetence. I used to read this as a threat. Obviously, to seek higher and higher positions without preparation AND without regard to our alignment with the work is foolish. But if we can all approach our level of incompetence to grow and to feel the fear, that would be a good thing. You can just be a mushroom or pretend to be satisfied with your status quo. This is not just confronting our “weaknesses”, this is as much about advancing our “strengths”  to the next level of mastery. We have to push ourselves and nudge the people around us out of their comfy boxes and put on your dancing shoes! Learning to dance can be awkward. Stepping on toes, stumbling, being out of rhythm, and looking silly is all part of process. But dancing is fun! Fear is replaced with growth. Abraham Maslow said, “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.  The beginning of your dance moves. As a famous neuroscientist told me, playing out of bounds is how the plasticity of the grey matter is strengthened. Out-of-bounds is always a much bigger space! Where is your out-of-bounds? Go find it. Learn some new steps, unlearn some habits and start dancing!

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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