Writing is part of my meditative process to clarify my thoughts, to align my actions and to focus on my purpose. I write about my emotions, my shortcomings, and my ideas for a better world through poetry, prose, and what I call rantifestos every day, some of which I post here on my blog and on social media. I share them to help others move along their paths to live and lead with compassion.

Nurture our nature

For parents and leaders, nurture matters and can make a difference. But how we nurture, how we foster environments, that supports the nature, can generate very different outcomes.

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Dear future self

Despite many factors that conspire against us, you are still the one who controls the way you react and respond to your future. You have to take an active role in the curation and the architecture of your future self.

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Joy, where have you been?

Joy. The warmth, the deep satisfaction. The being lost and transported to a place where you are reminded of the joy within you. Not for a social media post but for self-understanding. Sheer joy. For the confirmation of your true self.

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Would we do things differently if we knew it was the last time?

Whether the first time or the last time, everything we undertake is new. It may not be literally the first time but it is a different time. It may feel similar or even identical and our brain will start to blur because we think we know what to do, what we see. We miss the moment as we relive the memory and miss the new reality.

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The receptive spectator

Our rush to make sense out of the mysterious, to navigate the ambiguity, is to be blind to the art of seeing the innumerable opportunities that are right in front of us.

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Mentoring futurists

With all good intentions so many mentors and parents become futurists who think they can see the road ahead so clearly.

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