Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom

Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom. Freedom succumbs to dizziness
Soren Kierkegaard

Anxiety is a privilege. Privilege of the free. Not trauma nor mental health, but the angst of choice. The emotional battle of deferred gratification. The specter of FOMO. The disappointment from the denial of relative status. The unsatisfying pursuit of more on the hedonistic treadmill. Falling short of the expectations of others. Embarrassment from being behind on some mythical measure of success. Succumbing to the winless judgmental war on ourselves. Being caught between an inadequate past and pessimistic future. Not getting your first choice pony. This is where anxiety reigns. And we waste much of our precious freedom–on thinking about, talking about, over-sharing, and becoming paralyzed by self-induced, self-inflicted, and selfish pity parties. The roar of the engines of anxiety can be quieted by making the most of this moment. We can choose to love what we have and who we are. By licking our wounds and gaining from the experience. Accepting and even embracing the challenge of denial, declination and defeat. Much of this anxiety comes with the challenge of more freedom, opportunity, and choices than you can handle. Be grateful for the abundance. Get back on your lovely little horse and choose a path. Now ride!

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