Adopting the Mentoring and Networking Lifestyle

I discovered that mentoring and networking are more than popular techniques to broaden your thinking about your career and your life. To be effective as a mentor/mentee or in networking you have to integrate these habits into your life. You need to mentor and network in everything you do. They are not tasks that can be scheduled and limited to set times. Mentoring and networking can just happen, there are moments of connections and enlightenment that are more serendipitous than planned. But I have found that that the greatest rewards come from a continuous process and commitment to mentoring and networking. Adoption of a lifestyle approach of helping others and yourself is essential in today’s hyper space world of change and choice. Many people want the quick fix, the 3 easy steps to a better life to find life’s answers or just to gain an edge. Developing meaningful relationships that are mutually beneficial are very rarely created through techniques and quick fixes. The most fulfilling path is created when you are always thinking about the chance and potential to mentor and network to help yourself and others. Adopt the lifestyle!


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