5 Years of Blah Blah Blog

I started this blog in 2008, just before the collapse of the economy.  350 posts, more than 30,000
words and 120,000 page views later, I never dreamed it would have taken me on this
journey. I guess it is like life, if you trust yourself and push ahead then it
will take you to amazing places. And it has. I really started SWiVELTime for me. I
wanted the discipline of researching, writing, and thinking every week. For me it is an enjoyable struggle
to come up with material every week that allows me to express my observations and learnings. (I am in awe of the Seth Godins who post every day.)

My content moved over time from the common myths and tools
of networking to a more macro perspective on the potential of the individual.
Over the years I have lost readers due to this change. They wanted tools and
techniques. Something they can put to use right away. It is a perfectly rational
and reasonable expectation. But I have always felt the need to lay the context and conditions of personal and professional growth before discussing the how-tos. And you and this blog have pushed me deeper into my root structure of understanding so I can grow. I am more consumed by my obsession about the human
potential and the distractions and resistance we encounter preventing us
from becoming who want to be—who were meant to be. I am more convinced than ever that we are interconnected and interdependent. That our destinies are tied to one another. That WE is so much stronger than me. That's why I have become more focused on the why
over the what.


Chinese Bamboo Forest

 Mentor and network for the greater purpose of helping others rather than
the acquisition of an infinite and unfulfilling more for oneself.

Reminded of the amazing story of a particular strand of Chinese bamboo which only develops its roots for 5 years and then in the 6th year it breaks the ground and grows 75 feet high! (cited in Paulo Coelho's book Aleph)

This blog has refined and sharpened my presentations and vice versa. A great dance of learning and understanding between my readers and audience members. A dance of possibilities.

If I had a tatoo ( I have none:) It would bear my favorite quote that symbolizes this blog:

Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. F. Peter Dunne

I have tried to do both. As John Wooden told me, "Sometimes you have to slap people on the back and sometimes a little lower."

The feedback I have received from you has
humbled me. It has taught me many lessons. It has guided and mentored me. People have revealed themselves to this obscure blogger and it has energized my
belief in the incredible potential that we all possess.

Despite the millions of resources on the web, there seems to be a need
for these conversations, for these explorations of questions that define our
lives. Few places espouse the adoption of a lifestyle of mentoring and networking. 

Like all good teaching and mentoring, the teacher and the
mentor benefit most. You have changed my trajectory, my orbit, and my path.

As my mother says when I thank her—Okage sama—Thanks to you!

Thanks for your indulgence, for your readership and for
helping me continue to learn. This is not a trite way to fish for
congratulations or gratitude. It is merely an acknowledgement of my deep
appreciation for your contributions in making this blogger a better person and better at his job.

In this sixth year and in the spirit of the Chinese bamboo, I wish for you a great growth spurt in your opportunities and prosperity.

Thanks for reading. John

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7 thoughts on “5 Years of Blah Blah Blog”

  1. Congrats, John!
    I, too, have been amazed by the past five years of SWiVELtime (in fact, if I remember correctly, it had a different title in the early years?)
    I’m glad you remained true to yourself and wrote what was within you. I read through the “how-tos” with as much patience as I could muster, but am really glad to instead read this deeper, foundational stuff. It’s revealed to me a core of John which, as I’ve said occasionally along the way, I didn’t know existed. Surely, it exists within all of us, but my ability to discern it is frustratingly limited.
    I wish you the best…and THANK YOU!

  2. Jeff
    Probably a certainty that you and I would not be connected without this forum. I have observed that all people shield their true selves or big hunks of their true selves from others. As for me, there is a corporate persona that emerges–could have been the side you saw most in our interactions. I observed no such persona or pretensions with you. While we hardly know each other on one hand, your ability to be authentic more quickly is more natural for you. So I am not sure it is your power to discern as much as my power to reveal. Your comments have been great encouragement for me. This blog and other outlets have given me the chance to express my truths more consistently. So I appreciate your readership and our connection. John

  3. Congratulations John! As always, your post shine; allowing others to explore their own brilliance! Very inspiring! I look forward to the next 5 years of your work! Felicia

  4. Felicia
    Thank you. Not sure I have 5 more years in me that will be useful and relevant! But your appreciation is noted. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Cheers John

  5. John
    Thank you. Your feedback, ideas, tweets, and guidance mean a lot to me. A book–OUCH! Right now this is my book. Maybe not as coherent but probably more current. 🙂 John

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